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Heroes of Olympus Book Review: The Blood Of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus Book Cover

Hi everyone! I am back with another book review for the last Heroes of Olympus book series……The Blood of Olympus!! Yayy!


The Blood of Olympus Book Cover


In this book, the final war with Gaia happens. The giants require the blood of a male and female demigod in order to wake Gaia, the goddess of the Earth (trust me…she is very bad….). Anyway, even though the giants succeeded in watering the ancient stones (that will wake Gaia) with Percy and Annabeth’s blood, they still managed to defeat the giants with the help of the gods. Reyna, the Roman praetor carried the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood along with Nico Di Angelo and Coach Hedge to make peace between Greek and Roman so that they can fight together to defeat Gaia. While they fought, Leo had some other plans… Stay tuned to find out in the book review for the Trials of Apollo. Byee

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