Percy Jackson Book Review: The Sea of Monsters

Peleus,the dragon and the golden fleece

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‘Sup everyone! We meet again. So today I am giving the book review of Percy Jackson and the Sea of  Monsters.

Ready? Super Cool!! Let’s start


So in this book, Percy goes to a new school and there he finds a new friend whose name is Tyson. But before that, he had a dream, not just any normal dream, dreams that are the actual reality. These dreams come only to demigods. In his dream, Percy saw that his best friend, Grover Underwood was being chased by a giant cyclopes called Polyphemus. Then in his school, during gym class, Percy was attacked by some Laistrogynians.  After defeating the monsters and setting the entire gym on fire, Percy ran into Annabeth, his other best friend who was actually spying on him by becoming invisible. She had a navy blue Yankees cap which whoever wore would  become invisible. This was a gift to Annabeth by Athena, her mother, the goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Camp Half-Blood is in danger. Percy and Annabeth go to the camp with Tyson. In the camp, Percy sees that someone had poisoned the pine tree which was actually Thalia Grace the Daughter of Zeus. Long time ago, Thalia died while fighting a monster so Zeus felt pity on her and turned her into a pine tree. This pine tree has magical powers that borders the camp and keeps it safe. But now, it has been poisoned. Another bad news is that Chiron the camp director has been fired because since he is the son of Titan Kronos, the enemy, he is the only one to blame. Percy also finds out that his friend, Tyson, is actually a cyclopes and a on of Poseidon. So technically, Tyson was his half brother. Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares, god of War , was set on this quest but Percy and Annabeth didn’t care what the new camp director said. Tantalus had come right back from the Underworld and he didn’t at all care about the camp safety. So Percy and Annabeth went their own way to get the fleece. Finally they made it to the Golden Fleece and found that his friend, Grover was stuck in the cave and Clarisse was also captured. After defeating the cyclopes and retrieving the Golden Fleece, Clarisse told them the entire prophecy. Percy understood the entire prophecy immediately. Clarisse had help from friends to bring the golden fleece and she had to fly alone to camp as being the son of Poseidon, it would be quite obvious that Zeus would blast him out of the sky. After sending Clarisse, they had another enemy to deal with, Luke Castellan, who had become the number one server of Titan Kronos. Percy managed to save his friends, defeat Luke, bring Chiron back on the job and also he freed a Pegasus, winged horses, and made it his own, he named the horse Blackjack. When they returned to camp, they saw a dragon who was guarding the golden fleece on the pine tree. a few days later, another girl was found, lying beside the pine tree. The golden Fleece had worked too well, after removing the poison, it removed another body. The girl woke up. She had close-cropped black hair and blue eyes. Thalia, the daughter of Zeus was back.

Peleus,the dragon and the golden fleece (If you don’t have a book and you wanna read it right now, try using a google pdf where you can read the book for free. More information about getting a pdf is in my first book review tap this link Percy Jackson Book Review: The Lightning Thief and read it!)


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