Percy Jackson Book Review: The Titan’s Curse

Percy holding they sky

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Hi again!!! Today I am going to write the book review of the third book which is the Titan’s Curse.

This book is going to be quite interesting. Ready? Awesome! Now let’s get started!!!


In this book, Grover Underwood, the satyr, has found two demigods, one sister and one brother. Percy, Annabeth and Thalia are going to the same school. The siblings names are Nico and Bianca Di Angelo. Nico is the smaller brother and Bianca is the elder sister. Grover doesn’t know their godly parent yet. But before the four of them can take the siblings away, a monster attacked them.While Percy defended the siblings, Annabeth and Thalia attacked. While attacking, the Hunters of Artemis came along. They together defeated the monster  but Annabeth was thrown over the cliff. She had fallen and disappeared. The hunters introduced themselves and said that they could not help. Then Bianca decided to turn into a hunter instead of a camper. Now all the hunters had to vow that they would remain a maiden and never marry a man. When all of them went to camp half-blood, they had a game of Capture the Flag which the hunters won. After that Thalia and Percy had a duel but they stopped with an unpleasant surprise. The oracle of Delphi was walking towards them. She said, in a raspy voice:

Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,

one shall be lost in land without rain,

the bane of Olympus shows the trail,

campers and hunters combined prevail,

the titan’s curse must one withstand,

and one shall perish by parent’s hand.

That night, Percy had a dream, Annabeth was holding the sky. Then Percy also remembered something; the Titan Atlas was supposed to be holding the sky. During the council meeting, the hunters wouldn’t allow Percy to go with them because he was a boy. But since Annabeth had left her Yankees cap of invisibility an he had Blackjack, his Pegasus, he could follow them, so he decided to do that. Now he finally met everyone and they allowed him to come. By the time they reached mount Othyrus(the mountain where atlas used to hold the sky), they had lost Bianca Di Angelo in the desert. Now it was Percy’s turn to carry the sky so that Artemis and Annabeth could fight. Percy found out that Atlas was the Hunter, Zoe Nightshade’s father. Zoe and Bianca were gone.

That day in Olympus, Thalia was asked to be the Lieutenant of Artemis and join the Hunt. Percy couldn’t talk to Nico the next day and tell her that Bianca had died. But then some monsters followed Percy to camp and Nico banished them. The next minute, They were gone. Nico ran away and Percy thought that only Zeus and Poseidon did not only have kids, Hades had also had two children. Nico and Bianca Di Angelo were the children of Hades.

percy holing they sky


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