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Percy Jackson Book Review: The Battle of Labyrinth

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Hi y’all!!! Welcome back to my BLOG!!!! Today I am going to be giving the review of the FOURTH book from the Percy Jackson series called the Battle of Labyrinth.

So the Labyrinth is basically an underground maze built by the world famous architect: Daedalus, son of Athena. But the Labyrinth has an entrance from Camp Half-Blood and Percy and his friends are sent on a quest to closebook cover the Labyrinth so that there will be no invasion by Titan Kronos in camp from that route.

Ready?? Amazing!! Let’s start!


This year at Camp Half-Blood, the demigods have a new sword fighting teacher, Quintus. During a game in the forest, Percy and Annabeth fell into a hole. The entire camp had been searching for them from the last 1 hour but Percy and Annabeth claimed that they had only been there for 5 minutes. hen realization dawned on them. Percy and Annabeth had found the entrance to Labyrinth. During their trip in Labyrinth, Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson found the lost god of nature; Pan, Nico Di Angelo, the lost son of Hades. But in the end, they finally manage to close the invasion.

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