Percy Jackson Book Review: The Last Olympian

Sign of Percy Jackson, a trident

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Sign of Percy Jackson, a tridentWelcome back everyone!! Today I am going to be giving the review of the last book of Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian. This is the final war between the gods and the titans.( I WILL NOT BE GIVING A LOT OF INFORMATION ON THIS BOOK BECAUSE SOME THINGS NEED TO BE READ BY THE READERS!!)

Ready? Nice! let’s get started!


In this book, Percy gets to visit his father, Poseidon’s palace in the sea. But there is a war going on in the sea too. The titan ocean, Oceanus, is fighting for power. Poseidon tells Percy that the time has come that he should know the Great Prophecy. So back at Camp Half-Blood, Percy asked Chiron for the Great Prophecy. So Percy went to the Oracle and the prophecy said:

A half-blood of the eldest gods,

shall turn sixteen against all odds,

and see the world in endless sleep,

the hero’s soul the cursed blade shall reap,

a single choice could end his days,

Olympus to preserve or raze.

Based on this prophecy, Percy has to hold Manhattan, where Mount Olympus is, The Empire State Building on 600th floor. Could Percy save Olympus from so many titans? Or was he even the hero in the prophecy? Read more of Percy Jackson books to find out.


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