Heroes of Olympus Book Review: The Son of Neptune

Son of Neptune book

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Son of Neptune book Hello again! Today I am going to be giving the book review of the second book from the Heroes of Olympus series, ‘The Son of Neptune’.

This is going to be a confusing ride of Roman and Greek Gods. Now let’s start!!


Do you remember my previous review on the Lost Hero? Yes, so in that book, Jason Grace, a Roman demigod was sent to a Greek camp called Camp Half-Blood. His friends, Piper, Leo and himself were sent on a quest o save Hera who had been imprisoned. She told that there had been an exchange of leadership between both camps and so Percy Jackson was in a Roman camp called Camp Jupiter.

The books starts with Percy being attacked by gorgons, or the snake-haired ladies. He had survived till now because of something that the gorgons called the Mark of Achilles which will make you invulnerable except for a small point which is his weak point. He could only bear the mark of Achilles if he had taken a dip in the river Styx. But Percy didn’t remember taking a dip in that acidic water of the Underworld which could dissolve you soul or make you invincible. Then he came to camp Jupiter where Juno (Roman form of Hera) claimed him as a son of Neptune(Roman form of Poseidon). Their camp Praetor, Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano welcomes Percy to Camp Jupiter. Percy found new friends: Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto(roman form of Hades) and Frank Zhang, son of Mars(roman form of Ares). The three friends are sent on a quest to Alaska, the land beyond gods and free Thanatos, god of Death who has been abducted by Alcyoneus, the giant of Alaska, where he is immortal. Camp Jupiter is going to be attacked by Polybotes and his army. None of the monsters can die unless Death is not released. When Percy drank the gorgons blood from the right side of the gorgon, it healed his memory slowly. He remembered his camp, Camp Half-Blood. And the Great Prophecy:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

to storm or fire the world must fall,

an oath to keep with a final breath,

and foes bear arms to Doors of Death.

Now after Percy is claimed praetor after releasing death and bringing the Twelfth Legion Fulminata -the golden eagle which darts lightning from its eyes. Now Percy is trying to tell the others in the Roman camp that he was Greek and that Greek and Romans were working together, but they didn’t know that. While romans were attacking Mount Othyrus, the Greeks were defending Mount Olympus in Manhattan. Percy had fought Titan Kronos himself. Will the romans and Greeks be friends again, stay tuned to know in the ‘Mark of Athena’, the next book. Bye!?

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